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Owner Dodie Miller has a long history in the petrochem arena of South East Texas. He grew up in the oil fields of Kingsville where his father worked for Humble Oil (Exxon) for 37 years. Dodie himself rose through the ranks at Celanese Chemical: from welder's helper, to welder and welding inspector, then finally coordinating planning and estimating for all maintenance and turn-arounds at Brown & Root, Mundy Maintenance & Construction and Celanese. He also spent 2 years active duty in the U.S.N. as an Engineman 2nd Class on Okinawa during the Vietnam War where he earned multiple certificates of special merit.

Dodie explains that the root of his technical and business philosophy came from his up-bringing: "I was taught anything is possible, especially if you don't know that you can do something. Keep trying, never give up and you can just about do anything. I always took on the special, hard to do jobs that no one else would try. It's gotten me the success I see today."

Dodie's always had a passion for motor vehicles. "From my earliest years growing up helping my dad at home, I've always worked on race cars, street cars and boats. I started driving early and was one of the youngest dragster drivers in the mid-1960s. "

In April, 1979, Dodie started Miller's Machine and Welding in his home garage in Seabrook, Texas. His main business at that time was welding down-hole coil tubing for Otis Engineering, a Haliburton Company. He bought a welding rig truck and did mostly field work while still keeping his passion for racing alive and well with custom build-outs, street rods, race cars and restoration. Over time, he began to realize that very few people could do quality repairs on aluminum: boats, fuel tanks, etc. so he steered the company in that direction. It's proven to be a winning move.

Today, Miller's Machine and Welding's builds custom aluminum and stainless steel tanks of all shapes and sizes for boats, trucks and specialty automobiles. The company builds custom stands and structures for electrical supply companies, repairs restaurant equipment for most of the restaurants in the Bay Area, and can fix almost anything made of aluminum. Miller's also does general repair work for autos, trucks and boats, and builds their own fleet of high-performance race cars.

With an elite team of employees, Miller's is able to pick and choose the jobs they want so they don't over-extend themselves and can provide the quality craftsmanship for which they've become famous. They are fast, efficient and produce high quality products on quick turn-arounds. Miller's can also coordinate CNC-machine work and water jet cutting if the customer requires.

From his strong past and utilizing today's skilled resources, Dodie Miller looks forward to a bright future for the firm.

"It's what we love to do. We eat, breath and live for this company and our customers. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you!"

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