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Miller's Machine and Welding is proud to offer the following services. But we are not just limited to these! Take a look at some of our projects.

Custom Aluminum Tanks

Economics and technology dictates the use of aluminum in marine applications. Aluminum (Al) is a light, strong, and corrosion resistant metal – a third the weight of steel and 25% - 35% lighter than comparable FRP lay-up. In addition to excellent salt water corrosion resistance, aluminum resists mild acid attack. This is of value in diesel fuel tank applications where high sulfur diesel fuel and water condensation can form sulfuric acid which attacks steel or stainless steel. Properly installed aluminum tanks will last indefinitely. Aluminum is not the best alternative for water tanks in areas with high alkaline content water.

Custom Aluminum Welding

Miller’s Machine and Welding has been approached with many unusual projects over the past 25 years. With the unique capabilities that our staff possesses we are able to create and enhance even the toughest of jobs.

  • Quick Access Carriers
  • Custom Fence Caps
  • Custom Projects
Stainless Steel Tube Bending

There are few shops that can provide bending of stainless steel tubing. Miller’s Machine can bend stainless steel tubing. Our custom bending is quick and accurate. Please call for quotes.


The visionaries on the City Counsel of Seabrook, Texas, desired artwork that represented the area to sit atop their newly constructed courthouse. The identity of an indigenous bird best suited their needs, and the selection of fabricators was obvious: they tasked Miller’s Machine to produce their now-famous 8’ wingspan Stainless Steel Pelican.

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